Modus Quartet

Modus was founded in 2007 by the Israeli percussionist Omri Hason. In various line-ups, the band has played countless concerts in Japan, Israel and Europe. In the latest edition of Modus, the great singer and vocal artist Bruno Amstad joins the band. He enriches the Band's sound with his rock, jazz and soul inspired vocals and complements it with ethnic sounds of various cultures. New York jazz harpist Park Stickney is a master at combining jazz and harp. Together with double bassist Lorenz Beyeler and percussionist Omri Hason, they form the rhythmic and harmonic foundation of the quartet. The musical vocabulary of Modus knows no stylistic boundaries and is shaped by the cultural backgrounds of the band members. The conscious approach to tradition, the exploration of improvisation and the openness to new musical forms flow into the music and make every concert a unique experience.